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Blockchain Workshop

Blockchain technology has featured heavily in the news, mainly as it powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Whilst blockchain is prevalent in popular culture, the technology is quite complex, but essentially allows exchange of digital tokens between parties where no trust exists, and maintains a record of those exchanges across a large number of computers that is very difficult to alter. This decentralised immutable ledger technology may have wider applications for business, but only if people can understand how it works and what it does. A workshop was organised by Professor Glenn Parry as part of the ‘Blockchain for Good’ British Academy Leverhulme Small Research project, where he works with PI Dr Richard Adams (Cranfield) and Dr Beth Kewell (Surrey). The aim of the workshop was to explain the basics of what a blockchain is and how it works. The workshop was delivered by friends from innovative Bristol software company SimpleWeb’s spin out ‘Studio Block’, a new firm focused on developing decentralised applications. Studio Blocks Lon Barfield and Andy Baker presented the two hour workshop attended by 35 students, staff and UWE affiliated firms. Due to high demand for places the event will be held again soon.

Superb Blockchain Introductory Workshop at @UWEBusinessSch led by @Simpleweb Studio Block. 35 staff, students & business people came & learned the basics. Who knows what innovations will follow? Thanks to Lon & Andy from SimpleWeb, & BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants #b4g17

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