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Blockchain4SDGs workshop

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Friday 1 December 2017


Enjoyed a great day with friends and colleagues in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and hosted by hosted by RUG/Campus Fryslân @CampusFryslan discussing applications of Blockchain to deliver on the UNs SDGs. Full report coming soon

Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology not only through crypto-currency but also in the field of smart contracts. The features of Blockchain technology – decentralised and trustless ledgers recording transactions across a peer-to-peer network – create the potential to remove corruption by providing transparency as well as accountability.

This could impact not only the financial sector but also other fields such as supply chain management, digital identity, smart contracts and much more. The initiatives, in which the technology is used to distribute and trace aid funding, provide and manage IDs in refugee camps, or create trustworthy land registries, are examples of the utility of Blockchain technology, but they also highlight the risks, such as privacy protection.

Blockchain4SDGs workshop

The Blockchain4SDGs interdisciplinary workshop aims at bringing together experts in the fields of development and humanitarianism with experts on Blockchain technology. Participants will jointly explore the implications of Blockchain - its possibilities and limitations - in these fields and discuss how the technology can be used to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

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